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Our civilization is perilously at stake. With the indiscriminate degradation of environment, we are slowly and surely inching towards our own annihilation. We can put an end to this suicidal path by helping heal the wound already inflicted to the mother earth. Each one of us can contribute so much if we have the intention.

We always blame the local authority for their inept handling of the issue at hand as always. We forget each one of us can make a difference. We abuse the authority for allowing harmful polyethane containers for packaging commodities. We forget we are responsible for its adoption. If each one of us carry jute or any other recyclable bag then perhaps  there will be no need for the dreaded black plastic bags.

Hope, from now onwards we are more careful about sustainability of our unique mother earth. It is the lone planet which can sustain such a wonderful mosaic of environment and its varied inhabitants. Our greed and indiscriminate exploitation should not be responsible for the extinction of the entire life on our planet earth.

Prepaid Imbroglio

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Our state seem not too serious about improving its lot. Take the case of the controversy surrounding installation of prepaid electricity distribution system. Most public seem to opposing the idea whereas the Government is keen to implement it anyhow.

There seem to be a lot of miscommunication between the Government and the public. The public is paying anyhow, whether prepaid or post-paid methodology. There shouldn’t be such hue and cry about this if the public is honestly paying electricity bill at the moment.

The Government too should be able to recover revenue from the public if it is serious about plugging leakage and unauthorised connection. Even in prepaid regime the Government can’t hope to earn much if it can’t stop illegal connection.

Delhi Election Result 2015

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It is a miraculous mandate. The people of Delhi who made it possible deserve huge appreciation. The people of Delhi seem to have made up its mind to excuse AAP of its over ambitious run for the national election 2014. The leadership of the winning party should henceforth avoid venturing outside of its capacity and reach in near future.

It’s a historic achievement for a party which has its genesis in the recent Anna Movement against corruption. The experiment to form a political entity with transparent funding along with zero tolerance against corruption seem gaining mass support. The people of Delhi are proud to be governed by a party which desisted from funding its election campaign from questionable sources. It has been collecting donation from people all around the world. Some opposition parties are going gung ho about credibility of some donors particularly about funds amounting to two croress from four donors. No surprises, the same accusing parties don’t believe in transparent funding methodology.

It’s too much to expect similar possibility in Arunachal Pradesh or any other state. But the spark ignited at Delhi may someday set ablaze our conscience. As a law abiding citizen, it should be our endeavor to support such a development with potential for far reaching change in the entire polity. If not possible to contribute in any manner, at least we can contribute fund by way of donation. The donation can be given at the official website of the party where all the information of donors are readily available.

We hope someday we get to see true democracy in its undiluted form as espoused and represented by AAP. The party should first set an example in Delhi. After that it can spread its tentacles around the country and provide an alternative clean political party to choose from.

Delhi Election 2015

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In the election held on 4th December 2013, the mandate was fractured. No party could master a simple majority in the 70 member state assembly. In 2013 the citizen of Delhi surprised all by showing confidence in Arvind Kejriwal led new political entity Aam Admi Party (AAP). It couldn’t secure majority on its own but it dented the fortune of many established political parties.

The re-election slated on 7th February 2015 is hotly contested. AAP is vigorously attempting to woo the voters and the BJP too is armed to teeth whereas the Congress seems to be a spent force. BJP is fielding Kiran Bedi as its Chief Ministerial candidate whereas Ajay Makan is the face of Congress in this election. The BJP is banking on the nationwide Modi wave to cast a spell on its cosmopolitan voters.

The voters of Delhi may pull off a surprise mandate again this time in contrast to the wisdom of psephologists and political pundits. We as citizen of the country expect the people of the national capital to be an example for the country as a whole. It is expected that they show maturity and acumen by choosing good legislators with good intention. It must choose a party which embody change and transparency. It can lead from the front to choose a Govt which stand for the aspiration and hope of all including the downtrodden.

66th Republic Day

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India is hosting Barrack Obama as its chief guest on the occasion of its 66th Republic Day commemoration parade in New Delhi. He is the first US president to be the chief guest of this ceremonial parade which is a yearly routine.

This year it has much significance since it is the first Republic Day celebration after Narendra Modi assume the office of the Prime Minister of India. The presidential visit has also contributed much buzz in the media circle though security issue has dominated the airwaves since the arrival of Barrack Obama.

Hope, the visit would usher in new heights in bilateral relation and cooperation. Perhaps the visit would go beyond paparazzi around the leader of the most powerful country in the world.

APPSC Imbroglio

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The APPSC seem perennially involved in one controversy or other. The latest one seem to have invoked much resentment and indignation among the citizen specially the young brigade. It led to the first hunger strike staged in the whole of the state.

The Government should cleanse the system of its nagging credibility issue. It is supposed to have a foolproof mechanism to select the most talented youth for civil and other allied services of the state. The future of our state is dependent on the efficacy, motive, drive and intention of these officers. Failure to do so would mean allowing less than perfect administrators to take us for a ride.

Hello world!

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Hello World! It is my humble effort to mend my wayward ways when it comes to bothering friends and acquaintances. Messaging is too delightful an indulgence. I spare none. Friends, Seniors, Juniors, Boys, Girls. None escape my piquant histrionics. Weekends are nightmare for the unsuspecting victims.

It was a sort of dream run. Mostly praising my supposedly passable wannabe in the world of messaging. Having tested blood, I embark on indiscriminate messaging frenzy. The last straw in the narrative proved to be a hazel eyed blonde who spilled the bean. To none other than the better half. It turned out she was a close relative of my spouse. As people say, the rest is history now.

Amateurish messaging and blogging is two poles apart. But bad habits die hard. Those who live by words ought to die by words too. Hence, another attempt at indulging in my favorite pastime.